Welcome to Mitan Handicrafts

MITAN in the language of the Adivasis of Bastar means - A long term business relationship across the value chain upholding human dignity.

MITAN was promoted by a network of professionals from diverse fields, including Scientists, Designers, Information Technologists, Textile Engineers, Social Scientists, Architects, and Communications & Media professionals committed to craft-based, sustainable livelihoods approach to development.

The network of professionals who successfuly worked together on the Pilot project on Remunerative Markets for Coarse Deccani Wool, supported by CALPI, felt the need to established a company to scale up the efforts in the Deccan region and also to provide accompaniment support/services in areas of Product Design/Development, Capacity Building, Technology and Network and steady markets to sustain the livelihoods of the rural craft groups.

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